Connecting the Korg
Connecting the BCR2000 to a Korg DW6000 synthesisers

Click here for a new version for the DW8000

Notice near the end of the video I have put the DW into bank lock mode and
I am changing the patch as fast as I can. The BCR and program seem to keep up.

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Download the program and the BCR patch
Right-click the link and choose "Save Link As..." to save the document to your computer.
Unzip the program into a new folder.
When you first start the program an 'ini' file will be created in that folder.
To remove the program simply delete the folder you created.

1. Connecting
The easiest way to connect up the BCR is to go into 'Global Edit' mode by holding 'Edit' and pressing 'Store'.
Now use the top left encoder to select U-3.
This will give you the 2 Midi interfaces you need to make the join between the Korg and the BCR.
2. Start the program and press the Midi Setup tab
Select 'BCR2000 port 2' in and out for the DW6000
Select 'BCR2000 port 1' in and out for the BCR2000
To use a Midi interface select mode S-4 on the BCR2000

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The DW8000 is the big brother of the DW6000 and, as it doesn't have packed parameter data, you can make a stand alone BCR2000 patch for it.

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